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Oxley Grading x Probstein123

We have observed the difficulty that some of our submitters face in selling high-value slabs in Singapore. You either get ghosted or lowballed for those high-value slabs. At the same time, although there will be greater exposure and usually a higher price fetched if you sold on eBay or PWCC, the consignment rates of 13.5 to 20% rates would take a huge portion of the sales such that you are only marginally better off selling in Singapore.

In view of this, we have decided to launch our consignment service in conjunction with Probstein123 (some of you may have even bought items from him on eBay).

Probstein123's consignment rates are as follows (in USD):

   Over $1000: You get 95%
   $750-999: You get 90%
   $500-$749: You get 88%
   $250-$499: You get 87%
   $100-$249: You get 86%
   Under $100: You get 85%

The above fees are all in for Probstein123's commission.

On our end, we will be sending graded cards to Probstein123 at the following rates (which includes shipping, bank charges, and handling fees):

For slabs which were graded with Oxley Grading, $40 (please show us proof such as the serial number of your slab and the results which we released in the chat).

For slabs which were not graded with Oxley Grading, $80.

For example, if you have a slab (which was graded through OG) which sold for USD2,000 your fees would be SGD 40 + USD 100 (5% of USD 2000) in total. You can pass us your slab for consignment during submissions!

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