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Price for 1 blister: $16

Price for 2 blisters (both Glaceon and Leafeon): $30

Price for 1 case (24 blisters): $350

Deposit: $2 per blister

Release Date: February 2022

The Deposit represents the commitment to purchase the Product when released. The Deposit will be held for up to 6 months from the release date of the Product to fulfil the reprint of the Product (i.e. second wave or third wave) in the event that there is insufficient allocation. The Deposit will only be refunded if it is confirmed that there will be no allocation given for the product. Once allocation is confirmed, the Remaining Amount (Price minus Deposit) will have to be paid in full in order to collect or to receive delivery of the Product

Pokemon TCG SS9 Brilliant Stars 3 Blisters

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